Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meccles & Keccles.

Love, God, Family, Mom, Dad, Friend, Sister, Brother, Smart, kind, Funny, leaving, sadness, Joy, Memories, Trust, Care, food, cookies, Tarzan, StarWars, ping pong, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, youth group, SpiritFire, Tears, UGH, Scared, Frustration, Alone, Darkness, Shadows, seeds, Roots, Grow, seed, alone, dies, Heaven, Hell, Bible, Abram, Canaan, Basement, TV, Songs, Couches, Blankets, Fun, 5th Quarter?
 SAU, Brian, meh, Eyes, water, Think, pain, Happy?
 Yes, No.
 Clothes, D2S, Gone, Vanish!
 4 years, seems forever, Eternity, YG, shrinks?
 It won't be the same.
 Step up?
 Grow up?
 I'm sorry, too emotional, Take a number, Try again, you can Try, I'm not giving in.
 Shadow, rock, cave, shelter.
Hide away, away from reality.

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