Saturday, May 7, 2011


You gave them a gift.
In return we get struggles.
You gave them the gift.

You gave them the gift.
The chance to get to know us.
We all love that gift.

And the gift we get...
Well I see it plain as day.
You're taking our mom.

You're taking our dad.
Giving us a shot to shine.
To show that we CAN!

They planted the seed.
But you have watered it well.
I pray our roots spread.

May we keep blooming.
Spreading seeds ourselves, as taught.
I believe in us.

Meccles & Keccles,
They believe in us always.
Thats what parents do.

We love mom and dad.
They've taught us so very much,
and been there for us.

Your children love you.
(I'm amazed I haven't cried,
writing this poem.)

Meccles & Keccles.

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 SAU, Brian, meh, Eyes, water, Think, pain, Happy?
 Yes, No.
 Clothes, D2S, Gone, Vanish!
 4 years, seems forever, Eternity, YG, shrinks?
 It won't be the same.
 Step up?
 Grow up?
 I'm sorry, too emotional, Take a number, Try again, you can Try, I'm not giving in.
 Shadow, rock, cave, shelter.
Hide away, away from reality.

Monday, May 2, 2011


My world is falling.
Spining around and around.
I'm dreading August.