Thursday, March 8, 2012


Soccer Tryouts monday and tuesday. So pumped!! We need at least 7 more girls to gaurentee a JV team. Right now we have a for sure 31 girls. Which 18 girl Varsity, and if we don't get more we're going to have a 13 girl JV or no JV at all.
I'm pretty sure random girls will show up to tryouts, but right now chances aren't looking so hot. But who knows. I guess I'll see on Monday.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm getting over you inch by inch

My walls were up; You broke through them; You broke me; Now I built my walls back up, stronger than ever.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had a nice weekend. Friday was great! The Wind Enssemble got a ONE at district fesstival(:

The bus ride home was awesome! Trevor and I sang and danced to a bunch of songs on his ipod in the small space available on the bus seat. Still can't believe we got a one, but so glad we did(:

Alyssa stayed the night as well. Then saturday we went to Malique's birthday party. Alyssa and I gave him a pet rock family that we painted all pretty(:

Cosmic bowling was fun, I won both time, well on the girl side I won. 99 then 93. (:
I was a lightbulb with my neon yellow/green shirt.

Alyssa stayed the night again on Saturday. Then today Alyssa and I watched Inception and The Book Of Eli. Now, I'm super bored and I have to peeeeeeee! So cya! o/